Victoria Brewster- #journeysend #mswwrites #awarenessbereavementEOL

Victoria Brewster- #journeysend #mswwrites #awarenessbereavementEOL

Author, Advocate, Writer, Educator on the topics of Death, Dying, and End of Life. "To be born we will all die one day; why not have a say or be a part of the journey..."

Escaping the Rabbit Hole Book Review

Escaping the Rabbit Hole by Tracey MaxfieldI was not sure what to expect when this book arrived; the title makes one wonder. As soon as I opened the cover (the actual softcopy version) I was drawn …

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Author, social worker, advocate, educator-death, dying, and the end of life. Discussions need to flow on these topics. Join me on the journey...

Journey's End by Brewster and Nierenberg

This book provides an inspiring conversation about furthering our cultural understanding and acceptance of death, dying, and the end of life.

Journey's End

The heart which has known loss looks for echoes. Who has something to teach us about this new and daunting territory?

My Next Book…

I started writing when I was a teenager; short stories which progressed to poetry and eventually blog posts, articles, a book, book 2 in the works and now I am writing my own personal book! It is a…

Why do we Fear the End of Life and Words Like: Assisted Dying, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia??

My purpose in writing this article is to raise awareness, get discussions flowing, and make the topic less fearful. The current debate about voluntary assisted dying provides an opportunity for action to address inequities in the current healthcare system, to help dispel the fear of death, and to be

And Speaking of Death, What Is the Value of Sharing Our Stories?

There is power in stories. There is wisdom in stories. There can be transformation in them, too. When we hear stories about death, dying, grief and loss, we ...

Teen Suicide

I am writing about a topic that is probably more fearful than just talking about death overall; teen suicide.  For both males and females, ages 15-24, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. Tho…

Seeking Contributors for Book 2

Julie Saeger Nierenberg and Victoria Brewster are seeking contributors for their next book which will focus on death, dying, and end of life, but from religious, cultural, and ethnic perspectives. The focus will be mourning and grief rituals, burial rituals, funeral planning, end of life planning, a

Ep. 157 “Journey’s End”: Stories for Everyone About Death with Julie Saeger Nierenberg and Victoria Brewster

Learn about a helpful book of stories dealing with death, dying and the end of life and how you can contribute your own story to the next book in the series.     In this episode I present…

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